AR-C10 Data Collector

The next generation of data collection has arrived.

Allied Reliability Group’s AR-C10 data collector is the market’s first multi-technology, web-enabled data collection device that combines vibration, infrared, ultrasound, and sensory inspections. The AR-C10 delivers a cost-effective, efficient, and scalable condition monitoring solution for anyone, regardless of size or location.

The AR-C10 data collector is an Intel® Celeron® based rugged tablet PC that runs on Microsoft’s Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro operating system. Its sole purpose is to streamline data collection via multi-technology integration with a single source of data storage. In addition to multi-technology integration, the AR-C10 offers its users:

• An intuitive user interface
• A single source of data storage
• Alarm management and generation
• Flexible route-based machine condition monitoring
• Enablement of a remote diagnostics model

• 10.4” AFFS+ TFT Active Matrix with Capacitive Touch Panel and Corning® Gorilla Glass
• Sunlight readable display
• Ultra-low power consumption
• Fully rugged for mobile POS or warehousing application
• Meets MIL-STD-810G, IP54, 4-foot drop resistance
• High mobility, multiple connectivity (Bluetooth/WLAN/WWAN)
• Identification devices: barcode scanner, RFID & NFC reader, and MSR
• 1880 mAh 3-cell internal battery
• 2500 mAh 4-cell Hot-swappable external battery (2)
• 23-key keypad with numeric and function keys
• Microphone, 2W speaker, and earphone jack
• 5.0 MP rear AF CMOS camera with LED
• USB 3.0 Type-A port
• Dimensions 8.07″” W x 11.57″” H x 0.98″” D (base tablet)
• Gross Weight 1.2 kg (2.64 lb) w/o 2-cell internal battery pack (base tablet)

• 19V/3.42A 65W AC/DC Adapter Kit
• Docking Cradle Charging Station
• 2500mAh 4-Cell External Battery Pack
• Dual-bay External Battery Charger
• Capacitive Touch Pen
• 4G LTE Wireless Kit
• Hand Strap
• Shoulder Strap
• Soft Protective Cover/Breakaway Strap
• Hard Shipping/Storage Case

• USB dongle kit
• 1D/2D barcode scanner kit
• 3.75G HSUPA wireless kit
• GPS and RS-232 2-in-1 kit
• Smart Card Reader and RS-232 2-in-1 kit
• MSR module kit
• 13.56MHz RFID & NFC kit

• Vibration Analysis Kit – Single Channel
• Vibration Analysis Kit – Triaxial
• Coming Soon: Ultrasound, Infrared Thermography, and Other Analog Testing Devices

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