World Class Maintenance Library

Allied Reliability Group’s World Class Maintenance Library (WCML) is a collection of information for the maintenance community. Whether your goal is to eliminate analysis duplication between your groups or sites, establish consistency of analysis performed by different individuals, or build an engineered maintenance strategy based on failure modes, Allied’s WCML has a solution for you.

Derived from data collected from more than 3 million components, WCML can help you increase the efficiency of your failure analysis by 40%. Additionally, the volumes in the WCML can be used as a maintenance strategy template for new asset types; enable bad actor analysis, Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA), and Failure Report, Analysis, and Corrective Action System (FRACAS); and provide actionable data for your continuous improvement efforts.

A robust list of Asset Types, Components, Parts, and Failure and Reason Codes categorized from over 3 million components across a full array of industry verticals.

The catalog includes:

  • 532 Asset Types
  • 841 Component Types
  • 933 Parts
  • 733 Failure Codes
  • 980 Reason Codes

Customized import templates for your current platform: SAP, Maximo, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Infor, and others.

Failure Codes linked to Failure Modes provides a convenient method for getting statistics about equipment failures or breakdowns. Code complexity can be customized to the user level of knowledge and provides actionable data for continuous improvement initiatives.

This facilitated solution provides a full access version of Allied’s Asset Health Matrix (AHM) tool to customize a maintenance strategy, listing the necessary activities and their frequency to maximize equipment reliability and availability.

Quartile coverage models (selected by client) will determine the number of machines that will have Preventive and Predictive Maintenance performed on each machine and to what extent. As an added benefit, Volumes 1 and 2 are included as part of Volume 3.

Every engineer on my team has commented that iReliability’s Failure Mode Library is a tremendous accelerator for the FMEA, RCM, and Equipment Maintenance Plan development. This tool has saved us a tremendous amount of time; I recommend it highly.

-Malcolm Osenton, Director - Reliability, The Mosaic Company


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