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At Allied Reliability Group, we understand that you are not interested in “training for training’s sake”. You need hard-hitting, impactful training that addresses the specific needs of your employees, delivers value for your training dollars, and produces bottom-line results. That’s what we deliver.

With instructors who are leaders in their field and offer a wealth of experience and knowledge, Allied’s education offerings help your organization reach its highest possible potential. Whether addressing a specific failure or providing customized training across multiple sites, Allied’s solutions are flexible and designed to meet your specific requirements.

  • Critical Spare Parts Management - 2 DAYS
  • Effective Maintenance Planning & Scheduling - 2 DAYS
  • How to Create Your Maintenance Budget and Manage Your Expenses - 2 DAYS
  • How to Develop a Failure Mode Driven EMP - 2 DAYS
  • How to Develop and Follow-up on a Failure Mode Driven EMP for ElectroMechanical Assets - 3 DAYS
  • How to Use KPIs & LCC for Better Maintenance & Reliability Initiatives - 2 DAYS
  • Outage Game! - 1 DAY
  • Outage! The Planning and Scheduling Experience - 3 DAYS
  • Practical Machinery Lubrication - 3 DAYS
  • RCM Blitz® - 3 DAYS
  • Reliability Engineering Fundamentals - 3 DAYS
  • Routine Equipment Care (Autonomous Maintenance) - 2 DAYS
  • Advanced Vibration Analysis - 1 DAY
  • Advanced Vibration Analysis - 2 DAYS
  • Introduction to Vibration Analysis - 1 DAY
  • Vibration Analysis ISO 18436 Cat I - 3 DAYS
  • Vibration Analysis ISO 18436 Cat II - 5 DAYS
  • Vibration Analysis ISO 18436 Cat III - 5 DAYS
  • Introduction to Thermography - HALF DAY
  • Introduction to Ultrasonic Measurements - HALF DAY
  • Introduction to MCA - 1 DAY
  • Introduction to Lubrication Excellence - 1 DAY

    Allied’s public training courses are facilitated in an interactive, small group workshop setting. Course topics are selected annually based on attendee feedback and popularity, with course outlines designed to give the attendee a deep dive into the subject matter.


    Allied Subject Matter Experts can travel to your site and train your team in their own environment or you can select to send your team to train off-site at one of our regional locations. Allied’s private training allows you to select the topics and approach that work best for you:

    Off-the-Shelf ― Allied's cost-effective, ready-developed standard course offerings

    Customized ― Allied can accommodate minor modifications or design a curriculum from the ground up to fit your organization’s existing terminology and culture

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